Mr. Amine Laghidi is President, National Commission in Charge of Immaterial Capital and Immaterial Economies of Morocco. Mr. Laghidi is an internationally recognized expert in business creative strategies and new trends of globalization. Amine had a successful career that led him to four continents where he held important positions in the private and public sectors: Director of the SNTL (Leader in Logistics Infrastructures, Transportation and Supply Chain in Morocco and the Region/ State Owned), Maersk Group (World Leader of Maritime and Logistics), Colas / Bouygues Group (Infrastructures/ Railways/ Tramways/ Ports/ Roads), Agent Representative of Key Multinationals in Morocco and Africa, Jacobs Engineering (World Leader), OLAM (Agriculture Development), as well as important financial institutions.

Mr. Laghidi is also a Professor who covers a large scope of subjects: Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Logistics Engineering and PPP. He is a writer and frequently speaks at international conferences. He is also an entrepreneur and a representative of the African and the Moroccan Business Associations as Vice President of the ASMEX (Moroccan Foreign Trade Federation of Federations and Chambers), as well as President of Poles for the African Chamber of SMEs, among other distinctions and responsibilities.

He is a true believer in Africa, and in the potential of South-South cooperation.